Mortal Kombat Gets Patched on XBOX 360, Online Play Improves

The new Mortal Kombat in my eyes was a pretty fantastic game with one fatal flaw (no pun intended): crappy online play. It would take forever to get matched up with anyone and if you did get into a match, it was always a laggy mess. At Mortal Kombat’s best, it was as laggy as Super Street Fighter IV’s worst. As much as I wanted to deep dive into the world of Mortal Kombat online play, it was an unplayable mess. Without good online play, I had basically no one to play against.

If you’ve been disappointed in Mortal Kombat’s online play to date, I’ve got good news for you.

NetherRealm Studios yesterday released a patch for Mortal Kombat on XBOX 360. I don’t know the specifics of everything in that patch, but one of the components of it was a fix to online play.

Based on my initial time with it, this feels way better. The matchmaking system seems to find me opponents way quicker than the old system did. More impressive is the actual in-fight net code. Prior to the patch, matches moved choppily along, while the input lag made it practically impossible to input any combos. Now that the patch is in place, the action runs smoothly and I don’t really notice any sort of delay or dropping of my inputs. I’m sure that pro Mortal Kombat players will nit-pick, but the current state of online play is dramatically better now than it ever was before for this game.

Thank you NetherRealm Studios for patching this game. It would have fallen by the wayside with me if I couldn’t get a consistent stream of human opponents to fight against. But now that the net code is up to par, I will be playing a ton more of this game. If you were turned off by how it performed online, I think now’s the time to jump back in.

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