Streaming From My Phone to OBS Through the Elgato Screen Link

As someone who doesn’t really play mobile games, the thought of using my phone as part of my streaming arsenal didn’t really cross my mind. However, after watching Alpha Gaming’s video about the Elgato Screen Link, I may have to reconsider.

Elgato Screen Link is an application that allows you to wirelessly capture your phone activity on your PC. Simply install the app on both your phone and PC, configure both to talk to each other, and in a few minutes, your phone activity is being streamed directly to OBS or whatever streaming software you use. Initially, I had some weird quirks where it wasn’t picking up my phone mic, but that seemed to sort itself out after a few attempts. I still need to sort out some input delay quirks to get it in alignment with my other streaming gear, but it’s certainly not the hardest thing to set up if you have experience with streaming equipment.

Most would likely use this to capture gameplay or other activity off of their device. Based on my initial tests, it seems to run at a stable rate while broadcasting a great picture quality. Since the Screen Link leverages your wifi for the streaming to work, you may need to rejigger the devices in your home to free up the required bandwidth. With some big Nintendo titles coming to mobile, such as Mario Kart, Dr. Mario World, and Pokemon Masters, there’s more reason for me to get this working sooner rather than later.

The aspect of streaming with a phone I did not account for was the opportunity to use it as a wireless camera. If you’re using an entry-level webcam like me, odds are that your phone’s camera will shoot a better-looking picture. Will admit that my iPhone XR camera has my Logitech c920 beat, but I don’t like the idea of straining my phone’s battery this way.

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However, I do like the idea of using it as a vlog-style camera. It’s an opportunity to move around the room, get comfy on Snorlax, and bring you closer to me. Particularly during story time moments or times when we’re just chatting, it’s a cool change of pace. Will need a second device to follow the chat, but I like the idea of chatting with you while laying back on my Snorlax bean bag chair.

If you’re interested in trying it out, the app is free to start. If you want to stream from your phone for more than 15 minutes at a time, you can buy the paid version for $10 USD. Not sure how much competitive apps in this space cost, but it seems worth it, especially for streaming mobile games! Will continue to experiment with the Screen Link and find ways to make it work for my show!

The next big step is that I’m planning on streaming Dr. Mario World Thursday night around 8pm EST! Will my stream completely fall apart? You’ll have to tune in to find out at! Hoping everything goes smoothly, but we’ll find a way to have a great time one way or another!

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