Air Fortress: The Game Nintendo Lost in Space

Everybody knows Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. But do you know Air Fortress? The subject of this feature is an NES hidden gem you probably have never heard of. Check it out!

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Some Love forĀ AirĀ Fortress

To most people, Air Fortress is a game they’ve never heard of. According to the Wikipedia page for the game (so the validity of this fact is questionable), only 385 copies of the game came out in the US. In any case, this is not a game anyone will mention, ever. This is a shame to me, because I think it’s a pretty awesome 8-bit action game. The game also has a strong sentimental value with me, but first, let me explain what the game was about if you’ve never heard of it. I’ve included a video below as well to further explain.

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