Some Thoughts On the Batman: Arkham Asylum (Full Game)

So much for not buying Batman: Arkham Asylum like I said I would. I’m glad I changed my mind at the last minute.

If critical acclaim couldn’t make me buy the game, what did? Thanks to Wal-Mart, many retailers in my country were selling the game at launch for just over half price. For most people, Arkham Asylum is a fine purchase at full price. At half price? It’s a steal.

A lot of my concerns about the game that popped into my head during the demo were quelled when playing the final game. It didn’t get repetitive. I didn’t get crazy lost. It wasn’t a crappy licensed game. The experience didn’t drag on too long, and only got better with time.

Take out Batman from this game and it’s still awesome. I played it from front-to-back in a 3-day binge and loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute of it. I do have minor gripes with how it ends, but up until that point it just got increasingly awesome.

By far the best moments of the game featured the Scarecrow. It would be a crime for me to spoil any more than that. They are must-experience moments for any gamer, period.

Many people have said this is game of the year material. I don’t think this will win it, but I would definitely say the game is a sure-fire honourable mention and worth your time. Go buy this game!

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