NBA Elite 11 and the Jesus Glitch

EA Sports has a tall mountain to climb when it comes to basketball. Over the past few years, the quality of NBA Live has waded in mediocrity and sales have tracked well behind the competition. Basketball gamers now swear by the 2K series and perceive NBA Live as a piece of junk.

In response, EA Sports has gone back to the drawing board by giving the series to a new developer and a new name. However, preview coverage has been sparse leading up to launch, and maybe this recent video of someone playing the NBA Elite 11 demo reveals why EA has been keeping the game in the dark.

In this video, a glitch occurs around the 2:23 mark, where a player on the LA Lakers is stuck at centre court, standing straight up and holding his arms out to the side. This player is stuck in this position for the remainder of the video. Since the video was posted on September 21, 2010, its amassed almost 300,000 and almost 2,000 comments. I understand that games break, but for a game that so many people are actively looking to bring down, this is not a good look. More alarming for EA though are the number of people who commented on things beyond the Jesus glitch. Many of the people who have commented on this video have played the demo and are saying that the whole thing is terrible.

EA Sports has responded in the past to fan made videos about glitches in their games, but I’m not sure a funny response is going to save a series with a bad all-around track record. I guess we’ll see in the near future if EA does anything about this.

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