NBA Elite 11 and the Jesus Glitch

EA Sports has a tall mountain to climb when it comes to basketball. Over the past few years, the quality of NBA Live has waded in mediocrity and sales have tracked well behind the competition. Basketball gamers now swear by the 2K series and perceive NBA Live as a piece of junk.

In response, EA Sports has gone back to the drawing board by giving the series to a new developer and a new name. However, preview coverage has been sparse leading up to launch, and maybe this recent video of someone playing the NBA Elite 11 demo reveals why EA has been keeping the game in the dark.
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Game Design Talk: Gap It Up

I’m still playing (and for the most part) enjoying Skate, which I’m playing at a very leisurely pace. While it’s a lot of fun to just cruise around the world and bust tricks, there are some very awkward design choices that can annoy the heck out of you when you play Skate. The inability to walk can be infuriating due to the way the world is designed. Bystanders always seem to get in the way of your objectives, which leaves you skating into them more than you would like. But I wanted to talk about one very specific case of poor game design that drove me nuts.

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How I Gave Up On Fight Night Round 4

I loved Fight Night Round 4. I loved how the gameplay engine was tweaked so that the game played and moved a lot more realistically. While it wasn’t perfect (in particular all of the menu-based stuff was borderline maddening), it’s easily the best boxing video game around and I enjoyed it greatly.So why did I furiously trade it in after owning it for only two weeks? Continue reading