Fight Night Champion for iPhone Review

EA’s iPhone offerings have been awesome of late. Though I’ve been reluctant to buy NBA Jam and Dead Space 2 on the current generation of consoles for $60, I’ve had no problem buying NBA Jam and Dead Space on the iPhone for a fraction of the cost. Both of those games were great examples of taking home gaming experience and translating it into a mobile platform.

I was hoping that Fight Night Champion would follow suit. I love the series, but a game-breaking glitch I ran into with Fight Night Round 4 makes me reluctant to pick up Champion on console. However, I have no problem giving the iPhone game a shot at $5. Is this iPhone port a knock out?

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To Buy or Not To Buy: Fight Night Champion


I like the Fight Night series. I thought Round 3 was great and Round 4 was even better. Well, it was better, until I ran into a game-breaking glitch that caused me to lose 20 hours of progress. When this happened to me, I returned the game with no remorse. I’ve had opportunities to buy it back for as low as $5 brand new, but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. I loved that game, but I hate what it did to me.

With Fight Night Champion in stores now though, I’m torn.

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How I Gave Up On Fight Night Round 4

I loved Fight Night Round 4. I loved how the gameplay engine was tweaked so that the game played and moved a lot more realistically. While it wasn’t perfect (in particular all of the menu-based stuff was borderline maddening), it’s easily the best boxing video game around and I enjoyed it greatly.So why did I furiously trade it in after owning it for only two weeks? Continue reading