To Buy or Not To Buy: Fight Night Champion


I like the Fight Night series. I thought Round 3 was great and Round 4 was even better. Well, it was better, until I ran into a game-breaking glitch that caused me to lose 20 hours of progress. When this happened to me, I returned the game with no remorse. I’ve had opportunities to buy it back for as low as $5 brand new, but I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. I loved that game, but I hate what it did to me.

With Fight Night Champion in stores now though, I’m torn.

Fight Night Champion could be better than the last game, and it’s likely short on game-breaking glitches. However, I’m scared that I’ll get burned again.

The game came out a few weeks ago, so I’m sure some of you have played it by now. What do you think about it so far?

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