My Gaming New Year Resolution For 2011

Do you do the New Year Resolution thing? Is this the day when you tell yourself that you’re going to stop smoking, exercise or address some form of personal fault? The reason that I ask is that I generally shy away from making any New Year Resolutions. I’m of the mindset that if you really wanted to change something about yourself, you wouldn’t need something as arbitrary as a new calendar to make it happen. If you’ve made New Year Resolutions work in the past, then ignore my hate and continue doing what you do.

Out of curiosity, would you happen to have a New Year Resolution for 2011? Maybe one related to gaming? I do.

My New Year Resolution for 2011 is to cut down my pile of shame.

Not familiar with the pile of shame? It’s a term that gamers use to describe a group of games that they own but haven’t played at all or have barely played. Most of the time, pile of shame games were purchased when they were new releases but have long since become old news.

Though I’ve been stacking my pile for a few years now, I’ve added to it this year by leaps and bounds. I wrote a post that highlighted a few of those games, but there were many more unmentioned. At this point, all games considered, my pile has to be at least a few dozen games in total.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a nice to have problem. To most people, having too many games isn’t an issue at all. The problem for me is, these games cost me money. Buying games and not playing them can get really expensive.

The answer is two-fold: play the games I have and buy less of them. Easy, right? Yes and no. I have no shortage of great stuff to play on any given day (especially since I was given a bunch of awesome stuff to play at Christmas), but the draw of playing the latest and greatest has always been hard to resist. I have no idea what’s scheduled to come out soon, but it always feels like the next big thing is right around the corner.

It may be tough to fight temptation, but I’m not doing myself any favours by buying games and having them collect dust, either. If I press through with this, I’ll still have great games to play, as well as a few extra dollars in my pocket. Here’s to hoping I can actually make a New Year Resolution work.

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