Off-Topic: Bring The Beat Back

Long before the Internet knew me as a video game blogger, I made music. I was an aspiring hip-hop music producer. I wanted to be the next Dr. Dre, Timbaland or Kanye West. During my run, I made hundreds of hours of music. Some of that music ended up on Soundclick and MySpace, which were heard by thousands of people. I even managed to make a few fans in the process. However, most of my work (and the stories that go with them) never left my bedroom studio.

Out of fear that my work will ultimately go to waste if it’s never heard, I began archiving my music on Bring the Beat Back.

In between writing posts for In Third Person, I’ve been maintaining Bring the Beat Back for the past month or so. While it hasn’t garnered nearly as many visitors as In Third Person does, I’m glad that I’m moving forward with this project. Roughly 3 times a month, I post a track from my vaults and include the story behind it on that blog. It’s therapeutic for me to have a place for my music to be accessible to the general public, because it would be a shame for music I spent so much time on to never be heard.

I’m not sure what segment of the In Third Person crowd would also like Bring the Beat Back, but I thought I’d extend to you an invitation to check it out should you be so inclined. If you’re intrigued by the offer, but are reluctant to leave In Third Person for a sample of my music, I’ve posted one of my favourite creations below for you to check out.

Thank you for your continued support of In Third Person and I hope some of you will find enjoyment in Bring the Beat Back as well!

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