Hip-Hop Week | PokeRap and Your First Exposure to Hip-Hop Music

Hip-Hop Week continues on In Third Person! What was your gateway into hip-hop music?

I remember my gateway into the world of hip-hop vividly. Borrowing my friend Faiz’s cassette copy of Homebase by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, I dubbed my own copy and bumped it all the time. Despite “Summertime” being an enduring classic, starting out with Will Smith doesn’t do anything for my street cred.

It got me thinking about other potential gateways into the genre. There’s no shame in where you start or where you end, but when I started to think about it, the “PokeRap” from the original Pokemon animated series immediately came to mind.

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Hip-Hop Week | Def Jam Rapstar and My Hype Man Dreams

Hip-Hop Week continues on In Third Person! From Flava Flav to Migos, the hype man is an underrated role in a rapper’s crew. This is the story of how I got to live out my hype man dreams.

Like normal fans of hip-hop music, I’ve had dreams of being a rapper, producer, DJ, and breakdancer. But there’s another occupation in the world of hip-hop that I’ve always wanted to be that weirds people out every time I share this with them.

I’ve always wanted to be a hype man.

I’ve wanted to be the Flava Flav yelling, “********** you and John Wayne!”. Or in 90s terms, I wanted to be Puff Daddy, standing behind the Notorious B.I.G., punctuating his lines with chants of, “Whoo!” or, “Uh huh, yeah.” Or in modern times, I wanted to be one of the guys in Migos screaming, “Skrrt!”. My fascination with this role manifests itself in the car every time I drive. Sometimes, instead of singing or rapping along to a song, I’ll just ad lib over it. Even for songs that don’t make sense, I’ll do it. That scene in Carpool Karaoke where Migos is ad libbing over “Sweet Caroline”? That’s been my life for years, and I apologize to my wife for subjecting her to this every day.

A few years ago, during a night in with friends, I got to share my hype man talents to the world thanks to Def Jam Rapstar.

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Celebrating Hip-Hop Week at In Third Person!

“It was all a dream! I used to read [Gamepro] magazine!”

My love of video games is well-documented here on In Third Person. However, another one of my passions is hip-hop music. As a kid, I fell in love with the boom bap, studied the older records before my time, and have kept a close ear to where it’s gone ever since. For a time, I was even making my own beats and I dabbled in rapping for a bit, though the less said about my rapping, the better.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll drop one post per day covering different places where my love of video games collides with my love of hip-hop. Until then, pack your cardboard, rehearse your pre-written raps to make sure they sound like freestyles, and come back tomorrow for the boom bap!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Star Fox and Hip-Hop

I play through some of the Star Fox specific missions in Starlink: Battle for Atlas while keeping up a conversation with the chat about hip-hop music! We discuss our thoughts on modern rap, 90s era rap, recent album reviews, and more!

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Off-Topic: My Night of Watching the Throne

After hours of waiting patiently at our seats, the lights shut off at the Air Canada Centre. From the darkness, an instrumental interlude can be heard emanating from the stage. This alone is enough to send the crowd into a frenzy. I’ve been waiting my whole life for the moment to see Jay-Z and/or Kanye West live in concert, and here I was, seconds away from getting to see them both at the same time. As the lights come on, we see Kanye West and Jay-Z, facing each other from opposing platforms. As their platforms slowly rise, the beat to H.A.M. blares through the sound system. As the crowd cheers in approval, I mutter to myself, “Of all their songs they could have started with, they had to start with the one I hate the most.”

Would that statement be indicative of my feelings towards the rest of the show? Thankfully, no. I watched the throne, and it was a beautiful sight to see.

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Off-Topic: Tonight I’m Watching the Throne

My girlfriend Steff and her sister are the best. Over the weekend, they surprised their boyfriends with tickets for them to see Watch the Throne live as early Christmas presents. As a huge fan of Jay-Z and Kanye West, I’m pumped to see them live for the first time. How I’m going to return the favour is beyond me.

For now though, I’ll just enjoy the concert, which is tonight. Anyone else going to tonight’s show, have tickets for a future show or went to a tour stop in the past? Any Jay-Z or Kanye fans here by any chance? Let’s discuss in the comments!

Off-Topic: Bring The Beat Back

Long before the Internet knew me as a video game blogger, I made music. I was an aspiring hip-hop music producer. I wanted to be the next Dr. Dre, Timbaland or Kanye West. During my run, I made hundreds of hours of music. Some of that music ended up on Soundclick and MySpace, which were heard by thousands of people. I even managed to make a few fans in the process. However, most of my work (and the stories that go with them) never left my bedroom studio.

Out of fear that my work will ultimately go to waste if it’s never heard, I began archiving my music on Bring the Beat Back.

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Is Def Jam Rapstar Hip-Hop’s First Great Music Game?

Hip-hop has historically gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to quality music games. While rock, pop and dance have been adequately served, hip-hop fans got DJ Hero (which was half not hip-hop), the obligatory Beastie Boys song in the rock games and Get On Da Mic (which was awful).

Def Jam Rapstar aims to finally bring gamers a good rap video game. I don’t know enough about the gameplay or feature set to talk intelligently about it, but so far it appears as though they’ve got the most important part right: the soundtrack.

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