Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Star Fox and Hip-Hop

I play through some of the Star Fox specific missions in Starlink: Battle for Atlas while keeping up a conversation with the chat about hip-hop music! We discuss our thoughts on modern rap, 90s era rap, recent album reviews, and more!

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Off-Topic: Initial Impressions On Kanye’s New Album “Yeezus”

From the deeply personal subject matter covered on Late Registration, to the emphasis on singing on 808’s & Heartbreak, I’ve always admired Kanye West for constantly pushing the boundaries of what hip-hop music can be. Kanye’s latest opus is his most daring yet. Featuring a heavy emphasis on grungy synthesizers and unusual vocal arrangements, this is an abrasive audio assault that the genre hasn’t seen since Public Enemy was in style. But is it good?

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Off-Topic: My Night of Watching the Throne

After hours of waiting patiently at our seats, the lights shut off at the Air Canada Centre. From the darkness, an instrumental interlude can be heard emanating from the stage. This alone is enough to send the crowd into a frenzy. I’ve been waiting my whole life for the moment to see Jay-Z and/or Kanye West live in concert, and here I was, seconds away from getting to see them both at the same time. As the lights come on, we see Kanye West and Jay-Z, facing each other from opposing platforms. As their platforms slowly rise, the beat to H.A.M. blares through the sound system. As the crowd cheers in approval, I mutter to myself, “Of all their songs they could have started with, they had to start with the one I hate the most.”

Would that statement be indicative of my feelings towards the rest of the show? Thankfully, no. I watched the throne, and it was a beautiful sight to see.

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Off-Topic: Tonight I’m Watching the Throne

My girlfriend Steff and her sister are the best. Over the weekend, they surprised their boyfriends with tickets for them to see Watch the Throne live as early Christmas presents. As a huge fan of Jay-Z and Kanye West, I’m pumped to see them live for the first time. How I’m going to return the favour is beyond me.

For now though, I’ll just enjoy the concert, which is tonight. Anyone else going to tonight’s show, have tickets for a future show or went to a tour stop in the past? Any Jay-Z or Kanye fans here by any chance? Let’s discuss in the comments!