The Toronto Fighting Game Championships Are Taking Place Today

The biggest fighting game tournament that Toronto has ever seen is upon us! T12 Toronto Fighting Game Championships are set to take place today, and if you’re reading this shortly after I posted this, I’m most likely on my way to the venue. If you’re interested in watching all of the hot fighting game action, you can watch it all thanks to the Team Spooky stream. If you’re lucky, you just might catch me on the steam! If so, If you’re super lucky, you might catch me winning a match or two, though I’m not holding my breath for that particular outcome. 🙂

I’m super-excited to be part of this event. While the Fan Expo tournament was a great first experience, this tournament is sure to be more in-line with the other major fighting game tournaments that take place around the world. Besides the local turnout, which I’m anticipating attendance to be at least in the hundreds, a number of big-name fighting game players I’ve come to respect and idolize are coming to town, including Combofiend, Marlin Pie, Wolfkrone and Chris G among a number of other high-profile players flying in from around North America. Just maybe I’ll get a chance to play a few matches with the cream of the crop, though my odds of winning against any of them are slim-to-none. At the very least, it’ll be a great learning experience for me.

All modesty aside, I’m playing to win today. I’m going to be horribly disappointed in myself if I go two-and-out in both games. I’ve been practicing quite a bit over these last few weeks to try and ensure that two-and-out doesn’t happen. Though my interest in Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition has waned since its release, I’ve been playing a lot of it in preparation for the tournament. Most of my practice has gone towards this game, as I’ve let my As a somewhat nice side-effect, the experience has sort of re-sparked my interest in Street Fighter IV, though I’m still bitter about the the character balance of the game. The Version 2012 patch can’t come soon enough. When it comes to Marvel, I made sure to play enough to keep my Wolverine/Storm/Sentinel team of top-tier and DHC glitch compatibility sharp.

Drop me a line if by chance you see me on the stream!

One thought on “The Toronto Fighting Game Championships Are Taking Place Today

  1. Josh September 24, 2011 / 10:15 AM

    lol, I was playing Bioshock while you were competing! ‘Sick day? ;)’
    Best of luck to the rest of your matches and sorry for bothering you while you were warming up. I’ll catch your next match by the way.

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