Off-Topic – Adventures in Apartment Hunting 2013 Edition Part 7: The Decision

After a good night’s sleep, Steff and I were still feeling hot on the place we saw the night before. That morning, we reached out to our real estate agent to lock things down for us. However, I got a call from Steff shortly after with some bad news.

Apparently, someone else had just made an offer on the place. On top of that, they were ready to take it immediately. With our existing still active for another month, paying double rent would be a hard pill to swallow. However, Steff and I mutually agreed that this cost to secure the place would be worth it in the long run. We really loved this condo and would have been devastated had someone else taken it. With that in mind, we put in our offer to take it immediately.

It would be a number of hours before we found out the results, which were some of the most tense we’d ever felt. We had very different ways of dealing with the pressure. Steff was trying to not think about it at all, while I was already scrambling to find a plan B if things fell through. Late that night, our phone finally rang with our realtor on the other end.

Did we get it?

We did our best to keep our composure, but couldn’t contain it by the time we hung up the phone. After a solid month of searching, we secured our new home.

It’s been a little while since this saga ended for us, and we’re now comfortably settled into our new place. Though I was reluctant at first to move at all, this has proven to be the right move. We’re looking forward to our future here!

Really hope that you’ve enjoyed this off-topic series, as this was a very big part of my life this past little while that I felt was worth documenting somehow. The next time I’ll be writing about my place will be within the context of my ‘man cave’ and how to trick it out now that we’re settled in. Hope you’ll enjoy that piece as well!

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