Justice League Vol. 1: Origin

There was a time in history when the world had Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Aquaman, but they didn’t have the Justice League. In Vol. 1: Origin, we get the new story for how that came to be, as the events of Flashpoint basically reset the entire DC universe. This book is a treat for superhero comics, as it’s a bombastic affair starring DC’s finest.

Up until this point, everyone has worked as a solo act in their respective cities. However, when an army of minions invades the world, they must learn to work together to stop this menace. This proves to be a painful process for everyone involved, especially The Green Lantern. Thinking he’s hot stuff, Hal Jordan gets repeatedly put in his place by everyone and everything, which is awesome to see as a Green Lantern hater. Watching these superheroes struggle along to get the job done is rather entertaining, as the writing by Geoff Johns is great.

With Jim Lee on board as the artist, you already know this is going to at least look good, which it certainly does. I knew he’d do a great job of rendering the characters, but I’m particularly impressed with how well he captures the scale of the conflict. This is an epic battle and Jim does it justice (sorry) with amazing artwork that makes everything pop. My favourite panels are the giant ones that spread across two full pages, as they really give him the room to shine.

Justice League Vol. 1: Origin is a satisfying roller coaster ride through the team’s first major battle together. Everyone gets a chance to shine and it does a great job of showing these solo heroes working out the kinks in their group routine. This one easily earns a spot in my regular rotation.

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