Batman Eternal #3 Review

I was supposed to stop reading Batman’s weekly comic series a while ago. I swear that #3 is my last, not because it’s bad, but because I’d much rather read the book to save money and experience a larger chunk of the story in one shot. However, after reading Batman Eternal #3, it’s cooled off my excitement in a way where I think I can let the rest slide for now.

Batman continues to be in detective mode, as he spends most of this comic trying to figure out what mob boss Falcone is up to. This includes a visit to the Iceberg Casino for a chat with the Penguin. The big revelation however, involves fan-favourite Stephanie Brown. The one-time Batgirl makes her New 52 debut here as a regular girl who sees some things that she probably shouldn’t have.

The quality of the writing and the art continue to be great, but Batman Eternal #3 didn’t do much to get me going. As someone who knows nothing of Stephanie Brown, I didn’t have the context to make more of her appearance here. Also, it’s a second straight issue that consists primarily of talking, as more villains out themselves and virtually zero punches are thrown. It’s clear to see that issue #3 acts as a setup for bigger things to come, but I don’t think it does all that much on its own.

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