Board Game Night Playlist: Games for Couples

Steff and I have been playing board games together for a very long time. We both fell in love with the hobby at the same Dominion game night. Flashing back to the very beginning of our relationship, we played Scrabble on our first date. Board gaming has been a part of our relationship since its inception and I don’t think that’s going away any time soon. This edition of the Board Game Night playlist is devised of games for couples to play together. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, now might be a better time than ever to be ready with a board game or two. Try these the next time you’re gaming with the one you love!


2 players
Ages 8 and up
15-30 minutes

Admittedly, the sales pitch for Patchwork being a two-player competitive quilting game isn’t going to get most people to jump out of their seats. However, should you skip out on it due to its dull theme, you’d be missing out on a quality two-player strategy game. While it doesn’t really relate to quilting, it’s a neat game where players race to build the best quilt with the limited amount of time they have. For a game that’s quite simple to teach, there’s a ton of depth when it comes to selecting the right pieces for your quilt, placing them in the right spots and managing your time so that you can make the fullest quilt. If I still haven’t sold you on this being a great game to play with your love, please just me on this and pick up Patchwork.


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2-5 players
Ages 8 and up
25 minutes

In Hanabi, players place cards on the table in sequence in order to build the perfect fireworks display. The problem is, you don’t get to see your own cards. Instead, players take turns giving each other hints in hopes that they’ll eventually play the right cards before it’s too late.

This one can be played with more than two players, though there’s an interesting dynamic that comes into play when enjoying Hanabi as a couple. It really puts your communication skills to the test, as being able to give hints and interpret them is pivotal for success. It might raise some flags on your ability as a couple to communicate, but odds are it’ll make you stronger as a unit while playing an awesome game.

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Lost Cities

2 players
ages 10 and up
30 minutes

In Lost Cities, you and your partner will go out on quests to find ancient civilizations while trying to prove that you’re the better explorer. You’ll do this by playing cards in five different columns in ascending order, representing you getting closer to your goal. The problem is, there’s only one number card of each type, and your opponent will be drawing from the same deck. As such, it becomes a tug-of-war of sorts for achieving the best overall score across the five different quests.

This game is deceptively simple. Wrapping your head around the rules takes a matter of minutes, but the strategy that comes with knowing when to play cards or hold cards for a more opportune time is endlessly compelling. When Steff and I first played this, we couldn’t put this one down. For a quality game that will get your competitive juices flowing, Lost Cities is a sure-fire hit.



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