Technical Issues Mar the Console Ports of XCOM 2

Judged solely on its gameplay alone, XCOM 2 is a wonderful addition to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One lineups. Building off the success of the original, this game improves on its predecessor in almost every conceivable way. Unfortunately, some glaring technical issues make this game really hard to recommend if you have the ability to play it on PC.

For starters, some of the cutscenes have issues with textures. When the Faceless aliens appear each time, many of their textures disappear, making for an awkward visual of a half-monster-half-black-hole being appear on the screen. Sometimes when you pick up a body, the body doesn’t display at all, leaving the soldier strangely miming the motion. Furthermore, the autopsy scenes are always problematic, as they suffer from stuttering.

During moments of gameplay where there’s a lot going on, the game will chug. In a turn-based game, that isn’t so bad, but the it’s jarring. What can’t be ignored though are its abysmal loading times. Loading any save file takes around two minutes, even if you’re reverting back to a save you made a minute ago.

The most egregious of the game’s technical shortcomings is that the game has crashed on me numerous times. When it crashes in the heat of battle, it’s ultimately not that bad, as the game auto-saves after each turn. However, if the game crashes between missions, you can lose a lot of progress in regards to managing your base.

For console gamers dying to play XCOM 2 on their platform of choice, this is unfortunately your only option. I’m still loving the game and will play it to completion. That being said, it’s disappointing how buggy this console port is. If you have the option to play it on PC, play it there instead.

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