Titanfall 2 Review

The original Titanfall did not get its due upon its release. While its core multiplayer gameplay was stellar, I feel like it got overlooked due to it not being available on the PlayStation 4. Also, its single player campaign is one of the saddest excuses I’ve ever seen. Okay, so maybe the first was a bit more flawed than I’d like to remember it, but I won’t forget the dozens of hours I spent with the multiplayer aspect of it.

With the franchise now available on Sony’s platform, it’s time for the franchise to put its best foot forward. Titanfall 2 does that marvelously.

Your urge to jump straight to the multiplayer may be strong, but don’t overlook the campaign in Titanfall 2. Unlike the previous game, which consisted of online multiplayer matches with different radio conversations talking you through the progression of the story, this game actually has a fully fleshed out campaign.

It continues the story of conflict between the Militia and the IMC, but this time you’re playing as an aspiring pilot who is paired up with a Titan. As the story progresses, you build a bond with your Titan in a way that resonates in ways that your traditional first-person-shooter campaigns usually don’t.

Better yet, the game does a tremendous job of keeping you engaged throughout. It’s always throwing new concepts at you, moving onto something else as soon as they’ve explored that idea in full. In one area, the whole world is tilted sideways. In another, you’re dramatically altering between two states of the world with the push of a button. Many sections are also punctuated with quality boss fights; a rarity for the medium nowadays. This is one of the best campaigns I’ve played in a while, especially for a first-person shooter.

Multiplayer is as fast and frenetic as ever. The fluidity of movement that made the original game a joy is as good as ever, with a few new perks such as the grappling hook to make traversing through levels even better. Most of my time was spent in the main Attrition mode, though I did play some of the new Bounty Hunt mode as well. In it, players earn money with each kill that can be saved at an ATM. However, if you get killed before cashing in, the person that killed you steals half of your money. Felt a bit too clunky for me, but there are no shortage of multiplayer modes to keep you busy.

As a big fan of the first game, I can confidently say that Titanfall 2 surpasses it in every way. You get a refined online multiplayer experience that’s now paired with a world class single player experience. Even if you missed out on the original, make sure to add Titanfall 2 to your list of must-play games.

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