Pokemon Go’s February Community Event Featuring Dratini Was Awesome!

The first of Niantic’s Pokemon Go Community Day events starred Pikachu. While this particular Pikachu featured Surf as a new charge attack, as well as a rare shiny variant, the frequency at which we see the electric rodent already kind of deflated the potential hype this event concept could provide. February did not have such a problem. Its featured Pokemon was the seldom seen and highly lucrative Dratini. Hype levels were at an all-time high and Niantic didn’t disappoint.

During the past event, you could find a Pikachu just about anywhere and horde a boatload after just a short walk. With Dratini, I had my concerns that its spawn rates would be lowered relative to Pikachu. For three glorious hours, that was not the case. Downtown Toronto was flooded with them, and my wife, mother-in-law, and I scooped up as many as we could. By my rough estimate, I caught close to 200, finishing off the day with almost 1,000 Dratini candy to close out the event.

Just Dratini alone would have been great, but Niantic took it a few steps further. For one, evolving any Dragonaire into Dragonite during the event would give your Dragonite the event-specific move Draco Meteor. On top of that, shiny Dratini, Dragonaire, and Dragonite made their debut!

I was lucky enough to get five shiny Dratini, the strongest of which I evolved into Dragonite, which you can see below!

Based on my personal experience, the hundreds of people I saw playing the game in the streets of Toronto, as well as the feedback I’m seeing online, February’s Community Day event was a rousing success. It gave players the right amount of incentive to play, while also making the event just long enough so that players wouldn’t burn out on the treats. Not sure how Niantic tops this, but I’d love to see them continue to try over the course of their upcoming monthly Community Day events!

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