I (Still) Have a Retro Game Video/Streaming Problem

Part of my push towards video included retro games. I want to be able to broadcast and capture video from old classics. For quite some time, I struggled with the technical logistics of getting my computer to read analog signals. Eventually, I figured it out. Or so I thought.

The way I had it set up was that I would wire my retro consoles directly through the Elgato with AVI cables. That feed would then be recorded in OBS. In action, it worked great. Afterwards though, I would run into a nasty bug that corrupted my Elgato settings, forcing any video from the device to output in 640×480. The only way around it was to delete OBS entirely, including all of my settings and scenes.

This has now happened twice and I don’t want to rebuild my setup again. The problem is, without OBS, my capture options are limited. I tried Streamlabs OBS, but that has a major bug where the Elgato settings disappear every time you try to configure it. The default Elgato software sort of works, but in retro mode, it outputs everything in 480i, including my webcam footage. Neither of those solutions are going to work long-term.

Until someone, anyone, can resolve their technical issues, I won’t be streaming much in the way of retro games off of original hardware. It’s frustrating that these issues are present, but there’s not much I can do about it unless I’m willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a different brand of capture card or different streaming software.

Sorry 😦

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