Discussing the Upcoming Role Queue System from a Overwatch Scrub’s Perspective

Recently, Blizzard announced that Overwatch was about to receive a fundamental change in the way that matchmaking works. Once the next major patch goes live, it will introduce a 2-2-2 Roll Queue system that will force teams to be comprised of two tanks, two healers, and two DPS heroes. Up until now, players were free to create any composition of heroes.

As an Overwatch silver league scrub on PS4 who mostly plays quick match, I don’t think I’ve ever run into the meta-defining GOATS comp, which this update partially aims to shut down. Once this recent update goes live, I almost certainly never will. However, even at my rudimentary level of competence and understanding, there are reasons for me to be excited (and concerned) for this update.

One of my fundamental challenges with the game is that you only really get the full Overwatch experience if you’re playing with a full six-person team filled with players who you’re familiar with, who have microphones, and are totally in sync when it comes to team composition and tactics. Anything less than that and the experience starts to degrade, especially as a solo player joining a public lobby.

Before the match even starts, our squads almost always tend to be at a disadvantage due to wildly-unbalanced team compositions. It always seems like a struggle to get players to use tanks and healers, while DPS players are in abundance. I volunteer at times to fill those roles in, but my best characters happen to be of the DPS variety, and this seems like a problem almost every time I queue up.

In the new system, players will be have to choose a hero category before they enter a match. Love that Blizzard added incentives for roles that are in short supply to get players to take on those roles. Once they’re in, they have to play that role for the duration of the match.

Having a team of six with all three classes evenly represented would at least curb the imbalanced composition issues that almost always arise. I can at least go into every match feeling like I have a chance with players who have committed to playing their hero class for the duration of the match, versus watching our odds crater at the character select screen as we stubbornly refuse to round out our roster.

This solve is not perfect. It’s unfortunate that players can’t swap between classes once the match starts. It also limits creativity. Furthermore, we’re still going to run into issues in solo queue where teamwork and coordination with strangers will be a problem.

For high-level players, they may wonder if there was a way to balance the characters in a way that prevented GOATS from being a viable strategy without taking such drastic measures. Even now, forced 2-2-2 could still end with the next meta-defining composition. However, for the time being, those are sacrifices I’m willing to make in order to have more of a fighting chance and a team willing to fill all required roles.

The roll queue is on the PTR server right now and is scheduled to go live in September. How does this change impact your enjoyment of Overwatch? Let’s discuss!

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