Overwatch on Nintendo Switch Review

When there’s a will – and millions of consoles sold – there’s a way to seemingly port anything to the Nintendo Switch. Following the likes of Rocket League, Doom, and The Witcher 3 among many third party titles that we once thought weren’t technically feasible or financially viable, Overwatch and its iconic cast of heroes push their way onto the Nintendo Switch. Better late than never?

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Discussing the Upcoming Role Queue System from a Overwatch Scrub’s Perspective

Recently, Blizzard announced that Overwatch was about to receive a fundamental change in the way that matchmaking works. Once the next major patch goes live, it will introduce a 2-2-2 Roll Queue system that will force teams to be comprised of two tanks, two healers, and two DPS heroes. Up until now, players were free to create any composition of heroes.

As an Overwatch silver league scrub on PS4 who mostly plays quick match, I don’t think I’ve ever run into the meta-defining GOATS comp, which this update partially aims to shut down. Once this recent update goes live, I almost certainly never will. However, even at my rudimentary level of competence and understanding, there are reasons for me to be excited (and concerned) for this update.

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Ashe Impressions in Overwatch

Leader of the Deadlock Gang, Ashe enters the world of Overwatch as the latest playable character. Packing an assortment of guns, explosives, and a large weaponized robot on speed dial, she’s looking to get her hands dirty on the battlefield. The initial trailer piqued my interest in her, but having played her for the past few weeks has been really eye-opening.

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I Try Out Ashe for the First Time in Overwatch!

While in the process of squashing a new audio de-sync issue that’s been going on with my stream of late, I give the latest hero in Overwatch Ashe a try! I really like what I’ve played so far to the point where I’ll heavily consider making her my main someday!

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Overwatch Review

For years, Blizzard toiled behind the scenes on a successor to World of Warcraft. Codenamed Project Titan, it never saw the light of day in its intended form. Instead of throwing it all away, elements of that project were carried over to create the hero shooter we now know as Overwatch. With its hype hitting a crescendo in the summer of 2016, I picked up a copy just to see what it was about. I didn’t really “get it” back then for reasons of my own doing, so I never really covered it. Now that it’s my current obsession, let’s take a look at how the game fares in 2018!

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Ashe is Revealed as the Latest Overwatch Character

Now that I’ve had a few days to recover from Extra Life, let’s catch up on the Overwatch news!

McCree’s old buddy Ashe makes her debut in Overwatch! She packs quite the punch, from her single-shot rifle that she can aim with a sight, to a powerful shotgun that gives her the equivalent of a rocket jump, to the ability to blast shields with DDT. She also has B.O.B. as her ultimate, a separate character who runs on screen to wreak havoc.

Though the game already has a ton of Damage-class characters, she looks great! Love her visual and gameplay design; particularly the super jump with the shotgun. Looking forward to playing as her in the future!

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My Favorite Overwatch Characters Version 1.0

In a world that’s currently enamored with Fortnite and the battle royale flavour of shooter, I’m just catching up to 2016 with a fierce obsession to Overwatch. During its heyday, I was too busy trying to be a Street Fighter V champion. Only now am I really giving it the time of day and I’m smitten with it. Yes, I’ve played Fortnite, but I much prefer the hero shooter style of play. I prefer playing as a predefined character with a unique personality and wildly varied tools that you must master the pros and cons of in order to succeed. In that sense, it’s a much closer parallel to fighting games, my favourite genre.

Odds are my feelings will change with time, but I wanted to document how I feel right now about the cast. Here’s a list of my favourite characters in Overwatch!

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Sombra in Action! Jett Plays Overwatch

D.Va is forever my Overwatch bae, but I’m continuing to expand my horizons to see what works for me from a gameplay perspective! This time, I put an extended period of time into Sombra! I like her rapid-fire sub-machine gun, as well as the way she can undermine her opponents’ tactics with her hacking ability! My Mercy also makes a cameo appearance in what I thought was an inspired performance!

Overwatch and Fan Expo Canada 2018!

Overwatch was HOT at Fan Expo Canada 2018! While Jenna, Randy and I squad up and take on the world, we talk about the Overwatch cosplay we saw at the show, merch Jett bought, and share our impressions on many unreleased games we got to play! This includes Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tetris Effect, Starlink, Diablo 3 on Switch and more!

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