Game of the Decade? – Boss Rush Episode 19

What’s your game of the decade? We all share our picks towards the end of the show! Leading up to that, we cover a ton of games we’re playing, including Ring Fit Adventure, Pokemon Sword/Shield, Layton’s Mystery Journey, Has-Been Heroes, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Outer Worlds, Man of Medan, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2!

Click through for the full episode, individual segments, and shoutouts!

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    • Thank you to Kris, Rachel, Jason, Mat, and Jon for joining me on the show!
    • A number of you followed and even subbed(!) since the last Tetris 99 stream. You will get a proper celebration on the next stream when I get a chance to run the notifications and hit the air horn for you. Stay tuned!
    • Thank you to everyone that hosted the channel!
    • Thank you to everyone that tuned in! We appreciate your company!

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