Tetris 2, Tetris Attack, and Tetrisphere: A Look Back at a Trio of Tetris Spin-Offs

From its origins on PC, to Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch, there are countless versions of classic Tetris out there. Odds are, the Tetris Company will continue to iterate on the traditional Tetris formula until the end of time. However, there have been a number of offshoot puzzle games that don’t play like Tetris, but bear the name anyway. Let’s take a look back at a trio of these: Tetris 2, Tetris Attack, and Tetrisphere!

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Tetris Double Header Live Stream

Tune in for one legendary game and…another game in the same series while I answer questions about video game content creation! I also completely embarrass myself at the very beginning of the stream with one of the worst rounds of Tetris of all-time.

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