Welcome to “In Third Person”

I know what you’re thinking if you’re just discovering this site.

“Do we really need another gaming website?”

Yes, there are a ton of great video game websites, blogs, forums and other online communities out there that cover pretty much every conceivable aspect of video games you could ever think of.

So why would you want to stick around to read this website?

Well, not to be conceited, but the only thing unique I have to offer to you as a reader is me. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Having been been a lifelong gamer now for over 20 years, I definitely have a few things to say about the matter. I won’t try and regurgitate the news or give you 1,000-word reviews, but I can cover a number of topics that are relevant to me in a manner that might be relevant and interesting to you too.

In other words, I hope my first-person perspective on gaming becomes a valuable third-person voice to you.

In the posts to follow, I’ll let you judge whether you want to stick with me.

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