In Third Person Is Featured On the Home Page!


I got into work this morning and saw an email from WordPress. I initially thought it was a comment to moderate, but no. It was something way cooler (though I truly appreciate every comment that’s written on the site, except for the spam). It was an email from WordPress, congratulating In Third Person for being featured on the home page.

I’m truly honoured to be highlighted that way on the WordPress home page. To me, it says a lot about the quality of my work. There are millions of video game sites out there and I figured that the only thing that could set In Third Person apart was me. I’m glad that my strategy of being as personal as possible has gotten me this far. It’s definitely drawn a lot more eyes to my site too, as my blog stats have skyrocketed. Thanks to the promotion, my blog has increased total lifetime visits by over 30% in less than a day. It’s also sparked some great discussion in the comments section, which I will jump into shortly.

If you’re new to In Third Person, welcome. I hope you enjoy my ramblings about video games and gaming culture. There’s a lot more great gaming content to check out beyond my recent purchase of a Playstation 3 that you can check out now and a lot more to come. Here’s a good place to start, though you’re poke around the site using the navigation tools on the right and have fun, too.

One thought on “In Third Person Is Featured On the Home Page!

  1. Gil September 10, 2010 / 9:57 AM

    Congrats man. That’s awesome!

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