I Got a Playstation 3. Now What?

It’s been a few weeks now since I got my hands on a Playstation 3. I’ve got it all hooked up, got my PSN account set up and I’ve got a few games to start me off. So far I have Little Big Planet, Uncharted, God of War Collection, Super Street Fighter IV, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Street Fighter Alpha, which I picked up on the Playstation Network.

My question to you, In Third Person readers, is what do I do now?

I am definitely in the market for more games, but because I prefer to play third-party games on the XBOX 360, I likely will only buy PS3 exclusive games or games that are notably better on the PS3 than XBOX 360. I’m liking Uncharted and Little Big Planet so far, so I’ll likely pick up their respective sequels. What other disc-based PS3 games should I check out? I also know that there are a lot of exclusive PSN games. Which ones are worth investing in?

I’m not really a movie guy, but I do recognize the fact that the PS3 does Blu-Ray movies. If I were to try this functionality out, what good movies really take advantage of the high-definition? Also, I know that the PS3 is capable of a few other things (or everything, according to Kevin Butler). Besides being a game machine, what can I do with this thing? I got some suggestions in my PS3 Pick Up Post in regards to what I can do with it, which was awesome, but I’d love some more input. Leave a note in the comments to answer any or all of my questions. Your help is appreciated!

3 thoughts on “I Got a Playstation 3. Now What?

  1. Gil September 13, 2010 / 10:31 AM

    I figure if you go with the exclusives for the games, you are pretty safe. I won’t bother with that list then 😀

    I have a decent collection of blu-ray movies now but really there aren’t many that I would say are completely worthy of blu-ray quality. I say if you feel the need to get some blu-ray movies, Speed Racer, Sunshine and Star Trek should be on top of your list. Mind you this is only my opinion. The colors and visual punch of Speed Racer just look so crisp and clean on blu-ray. There is no way standard tv could do the movie justice. If you have seen the movie I think you would understand. Sunshine is a great movie in general but when you see Mercury floating past the Sun… You’d wish that they had a HD dynamic PS3 theme of that exact scene. It’s amazing on blu-ray. That first battle scene in Star Trek when the Enterprise is destroyed…. Wow. I’d say that if the story is what drives the movie, it’s typically not blu-ray worthy (unless it costs no more than satandard dvd). If visuals are a major contribution to the movie then you may want to look into getting the blu-ray version.

    Aaaand that’s my say on the subject.

  2. Twan September 13, 2010 / 11:29 AM

    I am enjoying 3d dot heros and the psn game joe danger at the moment.

    • Jett September 13, 2010 / 9:03 PM

      I’ve only played a few minutes of 3D Dot Game Heroes. I was sampling the games in my collection and I decided to focus on Uncharted till I complete it.

      I have heard of Joe Danger and seen some screen shots, but don’t actually know what it is. Is it anything like Trials HD?

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