Cool Moment From Rock Band 3

Over the weekend, I watched my brother playing “Rock Lobster” on hard pro keys. He took piano lessons many years ago, but hasn’t played piano seriously in a very long time. Part of his desire to get Rock Band 3 was to use it to get back into piano and as a means of extending his learning.

Before he finished the song, I left. A few minutes later though, I heard (and then saw) something very cool that probably wouldn’t have happened without Rock Band 3.

From where I was in the house, I could hear someone playing the piano in the other room. It was actually my brother, taking what he had learned from the game and applying it in real life. He was actually playing “Rock Lobster”. Awesome.

I’m not saying that playing Rock Band 3 will actually make you a rock star, but there’s definitely something to be said about the way pro keys tries to lead you down that path.

One thought on “Cool Moment From Rock Band 3

  1. st louis music stores February 12, 2013 / 4:53 PM

    Harmonics has spent a lot of time working out the actual notes of the songs, and it shows. I was more than impressed with the result. All the notes are legit, or rather as legit as a double-octave keyboard can be.

    I don’t think such a system would ever replace piano teachers though. Teachers will always have one thing these gaming systems lack. Tutorials can only take you so far before you get stumped. The ability for a teacher to answer questions is a paramount part of the student’s learning process. Likewise, many teachers ask their students questions that lead them towards the right way to play a note. This is one of the best ways for students to learn the hows and the whys of music theory and performance.

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