How About That Double Dragon 2 Remake?

I love Double Dragon II on the NES as a kid. I played the heck out of that game, as it was one of the best beat-em-ups on the NES at the time. Seeing the headlines of a Double Dragon II remake called “Wander of the Dragons” yesterday got me excited for about…10 seconds. That’s when I saw the screen shots and video of the game in action.

I don’t like to pass final judgment on a game the moment it’s announced based on screen shots and trailers, but I couldn’t help but feel my initial excitement levels falling through the floor. This game looks awful in terms of graphics, art design and game design. It looks like a game that would have looked dated during the PS2 era.

Am I being overly harsh by judging this game in this manner this soon? Or are you thinking what I’m thinking? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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