Out Now: “Focus” – The Mike Ross Documentary

One of the cool side-effects of the growth of the fighting game community is that the personalities within the community have in their own way, reached pro-wrestler status. There’s good guys and bad guys, as well as story lines around the games themselves that fans intently follow. One of those players that has reached that level is Mike Ross, who is one of the best Street Fighter players on the planet. It also doesn’t hurt that he and Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez have been supporting the community with their Cross Counter content and that Mike Ross seems like a genuinely good guy.

Just days before EVO, G4TV decided to do the community a solid and release the Mike Ross documentary entitled “Focus” for our viewing pleasure for free.

If you have any interest in Mike Ross, fighting games, or want to see a “people story” behind competitive gaming, I’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy this documentary. The buzz online has been extremely positive and I can’t wait to watch it myself. I’m a huge fan of him both as a Street Fighter player and as an ambassador of the community, as he’s worked on a number of initiatives to grow the community. The only reason why I haven’t yet is because I’m waiting to watch it together with my girlfriend Steff later this week. She’s not big on fighting games outside of the Deadliest Warrior series, but I’m hoping that this film is worth her while.

You can watch Focus now on G4TV. Tell me what you think about it in the comments!

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