Off-Topic – Adventures in Apartment Hunting 2013 Edition Part 1: Home in a Hopeless Place

Moving sucks. This is a conclusion I came to last year when Steff and I decided to get our own place. While the process in the grand scheme of things went relatively smoothly and we didn’t really have all that much stuff to bring over, the process of finding a place and then bringing all of your stuff to it was one I really didn’t want to do again anytime soon.

Yet a year later, here we are, back on the hunt. Our first home together has been good for us, but we ultimately deemed that this wasn’t the right place for us in the medium to long term. This time, with a seemingly much better understanding of what we wanted out of a home, we scoured the market for a new place. This is part 1 of our latest adventure.

(not a picture of the actual neighbourhood, but kind of captures the feel)

Apartment #1 – Home in a Hopeless Place

The pictures for this apartment towards the north end of the Greater Toronto Area looked great. While it was clear to see that this was an older apartment, it had seen some serious upgrades. After a brief email exchange with the landlord, we set out the next day to see this potential new abode.

While the pictures of the inside looked great, the drive to it was far from encouraging. This particular area was very old and not well kept. It also gave off a very hostile vibe. Steff had made it very clear that this was not an area she wanted to be around at night. I couldn’t blame her, as I felt the same way. Pulling up to the outside of the building did it no favours, as it too was in a state of decay. Before we walked in, we agreed that unless this was the absolute perfect place on the inside, this appointment was already over.

Apartment 1

(not the actual place, but indicative of the feel)

The apartment unit we saw on the inside was really well done. In talking to the landlord, we discovered that the place had seen over $20,000 in upgrades recently. The layout had ample space and outside of one broken closet door, everything was in great shape. The landlord also seemed like a genuinely nice guy and was even flexible in his payment scheduling. Compared to the places we’d seen last year that were in really rough shape, this was a huge step forward. Excited by what I’d seen, I took some time out to take pictures of the place.

As great as the inside was, the area around it was the deal-breaker. The building itself had seen better days, and the area did not feel like a place we’d want to call home. Though we did not come away with a new place to live, it was a much better start to our hunt than last year. With our lesson learned, we crossed that entire area off our list, though we’re glad we made the trip.

One thought on “Off-Topic – Adventures in Apartment Hunting 2013 Edition Part 1: Home in a Hopeless Place

  1. eschmiel February 12, 2013 / 7:30 AM

    I don’t blame ya, You need to feel safe in your own home, that’s part of what makes it home.

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