Off-Topic – Adventures in Apartment Hunting 2013 Edition Part 5: Sky is the Limit

As creeped out as I was from being at the Sketchy Time Donuts condo, I drove away from that thinking it was a positive experience. It was the first time I really got to spend time in a loft-style condo, and it opened my eyes to that style of home. No time to dwell on that though, as we had two more places to see tonight in the same building: one on the 21st floor and one on the 16th.

(not the actual view, but definitely representative of the idea)

Apartment #5 Sky is the Limit

This was our first stop to a new condo building, which is odd, considering the fact that we currently live in one. I think the reason for that is because our time in one has made us very critical of the modern condo-style experience. While they generally are very nice on the inside, many of them suffer from small and narrow layouts. They also lack character, as most of the new condos are extremely cookie cutter in nature. We scoured through seemingly dozens of new condo listings, but they all seemed to suffer from the same pratfalls of our current living situation.

When we entered the suite on the 21st floor, our concerns about size and character immediately melted away. The main living space was huge. It also had the largest ceilings I’d seen in a condo. Best of all, the living room ended with a giant glass wall featuring an amazing view of the city. Beyond that, it also featured a den that I immediately began sizing up as a potential man cave.

Though we still had one more place to visit, I could feel it in my gut that this was definitely a place to keep on the shortlist. Based on Steff’s reaction, she felt the same way. Regardless of how well this next place showed, we were definitely going to have a serious talk about it afterwards.

9 thoughts on “Off-Topic – Adventures in Apartment Hunting 2013 Edition Part 5: Sky is the Limit

  1. Josh March 8, 2013 / 5:00 AM

    After living in a 2 bedroom shack for the past year and … whatever, this is an ironic post to come home to 😛

    • Jett March 8, 2013 / 7:28 AM

      Long time no see 🙂 hope all is going well with you. There’s still no shortage of gaming content here. Also, a podcast too!

      • Josh March 9, 2013 / 1:48 AM

        So much to catch up on… I’m just glad for everything to go back to normal. I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I’ve last been on this site. I’m sure you’re itching to bring me up to speed but please do me a kindness and summarise your experience from then till now in no more than 25 words.

      • Jett March 9, 2013 / 9:38 AM

        Not counting words, but will give you quick bullet-points instead:

        – I still write most of my gaming musings of all-sorts here
        – Almost a year ago, I joined as a writer. I’m now an editor and contribute some of my writing to them. They also back a podcast I do with Mat and Jason called The Recurring Bosscast. It’s a great site and you should check out all of their stuff too.
        – I loved The Walking Dead and XCOM. I hated Journey.

        That’s a good start 🙂

      • Josh March 10, 2013 / 6:03 AM

        The difference a year’s time can make is staggering. I’ll be sure to get into your pod-cast and your thoughts on the aforementioned three games. Also, I happen to remember a certain someone who was interested in Mass Effect 3 C: – your thoughts (especially the recent Citadel DLC)?

      • Jett March 10, 2013 / 11:02 AM

        The Mass Effect 3 that I beat back then is not the same game as the one people play now due to all of the updates to the ending and the DLC. It was a great game before with a highly-divisive ending, but now it’s a fairly safe bet.

        Did you play 1 and 2? 1 hasn’t aged well, but it can still be a great time and is worth it for the full story experience. If you can stomach 1, play through the whole series in sequence.

      • Josh March 12, 2013 / 4:26 AM

        Jett please, a little credit. I raced through about 70-90% of the first one on a 360 that I just couldn’t justify keeping (and paying a subscription fee for no less), after all it’s basically a netflix box with extra subscriptions and a few worthwhile games – but the adds really twisted my arm. So all my progress with the first one went out the window and so did my hopes of finishing the trilogy properly, so I just went ahead and finished the second one on my PS3 and played a lot of co op in the third. I have yet to even started the campaign of 3 due to my wish to play it entirely without any interruptions, such an occasion has yet to occur. I also am aware of the fact that 1 is on the PS3 now but like I said, I’d rather find time to play through 3.

        The DLC for 3 also has me very intrigued, the very recent Citadel one in particular looks hilarious, I watched a bit of it on YouTube and I’ve got to say – best piece of DLC a ME fan could ever ask for. Also, I happened to catch wind of the fact that a Bioware studio is working on another ME for next gen consoles and PC.

        Sad to see that you were disappointed by 3, perhaps they’ll recapture your interests and acclaim next time.

      • Jett March 12, 2013 / 7:11 AM

        Sorry, I did not recall your progress through the series. It’s been awhile 😛 😉

        I’ve always felt weird about Mass Effect DLC. They usually come out way after I’ve beaten the games, and I always feel like my arc is done by then and playing the DLC after the fact just seems weird to me from a narrative perspective. Maybe next time I should just wait till all the DLC is out and play the entire game in sequence.

      • Josh March 12, 2013 / 7:47 AM

        For what it’s worth, the recent Citadel DLC is segregated from the rest of the story arc. It’s sole purpose is to say farewell to Shepard and all of your crew members living and/or dead. It’s the most emotionally fruitful thing I’ve ever seen in a game that deals with relationships. Also, I could not contain my feelings once I’ve heard that the voice actor for Zaeed Massani (one of my top 5 favourite characters in the series) died and evidently this pack honours his memory. I read up a little bit on him and he was a truly wonderful fit for the character. The antagonists of this pack is also nothing short of riveting. It also doesn’t hurt that (judging from the first couple of minutes) it’s extremely funny but far away from light hearted, this is the most proper farewell anyone could ever hope to give to their Shepard. It needs to be played.

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