Nerds vs. Jocks at Fan Expo 2013

For many years, Fan Expo has been the definitive Canadian nerd experience. Recently, Hobby Star Marketing announced that the event would now also encompass sports. As a life-long fan of sports, I’m pumped to get to celebrate both at the same time. However, the reaction among the Fan Expo faithful doesn’t appear to be as enthusiastic.

Based on my unscientific research on the Fan Expo Facebook page, as well as Fan Expo related hashtags on Twitter, there’s definitely backlash among those who feel that attracting jocks to a traditionally nerd show is a bad idea. Though we as a culture have in many ways moved passed the old archetypes of nerds and jocks, those labels still exist. Though I’m pumped to experience both aspects of the show, I’m very curious to see how both audiences come together under one roof. Will everyone just get along? Or are we in for some Revenge of the Nerds-style hijinx?

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