Off-Topic: Toronto To Host The 2016 NBA All-Star Game

Even before the Toronto Raptors became a thing, I dreamed for a day when the NBA All-Star game would be hosted in my neck of the woods. As a child, I loved watching the NBA’s finest duke it out in a once-a-year dream match. More importantly, I’ve been obsessed with the NBA dunk contest ever since Harold Minor blew my mind with the legendary between-the-legs dunk. Sure, the contest has been more terrible than not in the last decade or so, though it’s monumental enough of an event for me that I haven’t missed watching one live on television since.

With the news of Toronto getting the 2016 all-star game as a means of celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary, my childhood dream has come true.

Now the only question remaining is, “How the heck am I going to score tickets to this?” I’m willing to stoop very, very low for a pair if the opportunity arises. If not, I’ll watch it at home or at some other public venue to enjoy the moment with others. While we’re still years away, I’ll do damn near anything to better my chances of being inside the Air Canada Centre for that epic weekend of all-star basketball.

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