Blokus Review

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At first glance, it’s easy to dismiss Blokus as some sort of board game knock-off of Tetris. In actuality, this blocked-based experience shares virtually no resemblance to the classic puzzler beyond the look of its pieces. Instead, this is actually an awesome strategy game that’s easy to pick up with a ton of depth.

photo 2(3)In Blokus, each player lays their pieces along a grid. Your first piece should touch a corner, then every successive piece must make contact with a corner of one of your other pieces. With that said, your opponents’ pieces can make contact with the sides of your pieces as long as their own corners are still touching. Whoever has the least number of squares on their remaining pieces wins.

The rub here is that your opponents’ pieces can sit alongside of your own without the corner restriction. Because of this, the game quickly becomes a game of space management where you want to eat as much space as you can while stopping your opponents from doing the same thing. The gameplay is immediately rewarding for newcomers and crazy deep if you invest the time and effort to learn the strategy.

As a 4-player game, Blokus is a blast. If you’ve got three friends coming over for board game night, you’re set. The game has three and two player variants, though the dynamic is completely thrown off without a full group of players. If getting that many people over is a challenge, then I’d recommend going with the 2-player-focused Blokus To-Go instead. In either case, if you haven’t played Blokus yet, you should make an effort to do so because it’s awesome.

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