Fuse Impressions

Best known for making hit games exclusively for Sony such as the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series’ of games, Fuse was their first attempt at a multi-platform title. Heavily influenced by the likes of Gears of War and Mass Effect, this game sounds better on paper than the actual execution. Not to say that it’s bad, but it’s not going to make any of its competitors lose any sleep from its presence.

In this cooperative shooter, you and up to three of your friends assume the roles of elite combat agents. You’re hired to infiltrate a lab where some shady weapons technology is being made. I haven’t played the whole thing, but I’m guessing the rest of the game revolves around people fighting for control over these deadly weapons and the alien energy source behind them.

The game’s one big hook is that each character gets their own unique weapon. Izzy gets an automatic rifle called a Shattergun that traps enemies and their surrounding allies in crystal before you smash them to bits. Naya’s gun can force people into black holes. Dalton can conjure an energy shield to protect himself and his foes. Last, and least, is Jacob, who gets the short end of the stick, as he got a crossbow that shoots flaming arrows. These weapons are in addition to the standard set of pistols, rifles, shotguns and grenades.

All of these unique weapons are cool for about…30 seconds. Then they’re just any other weapon in your arsenal. I guess if you were to work as a team and combine the effects of these special guns that you’ll get a handful of cool combinations, but you can play fast and loose on normal difficulty.

Beyond that, Fuse is just a run-of-the-mill shooter with nothing to distinguish it. Combat isn’t bad, but it’s not particularly interesting. The graphics are dull but not ugly. The characters are nondescript but not offensive. It’s best played as an online multiplayer experience, but good luck finding friends who also have copies of this. Even then, there are so many other great multiplayer shooters out there that are more deserving of your time.

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