Last Will Added to the List of Awesome Board Games You Should Play

Last WillThe death of your uncle is usually not a reason for celebration. Then again, who are you to mourn when a stipulation in his will says that you need to go broke as fast as you can to earn his fortune? This is the premise behind Last Will, a game where you and three other players live a lavish lifestyle until you’ve gone bankrupt.

Spending all of your money in Last Will is certainly fun, but definitely not easy. During each turn, you must plan your day and run errands before throwing down your inheritance on lavish parties, trips to the gentlemen’s club or mansions. If you incorrectly pace your spending, emptying out your pockets may become very difficult or actually impossible. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to newcomers or casual board game players, but if you’re in the market for a meatier strategy game with a fun theme, this is one to add to your list.

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