Building My Perfect SNES Classic: Part 1

Shortly after my hype subsided from the announcement of the NES Classic, my immediate thought was, “What if Nintendo makes an SNES Classic?!” That system has a special spot in my heart for being a critical part of my gaming life as a 90s kid. It also doesn’t hurt that the games on this console are some of the greatest of all-time.

In this 10-part series, I’ll highlight three games that I would like to see in a hypothetical SNES Classic. Let’s begin!

Super Mario World

What better place to start than with the best Super Mario game? Yeah, I said it. Released in 1991, Super Mario World to this day is Mario at his best. Its brilliance captivated me as a kid and I never get tired of trekking through this game. Regardless of whether you think it’s the best Super Mario game, its place on everyone’s personal SNES Classic isn’t up for debate.


One of the first games to use Nintendo’s Mode 7 technology, F-Zero was one of the fastest and fun racing games of its time. I personally have a very soft spot in my heart for its Nintendo 64 sequel, though the original is easily worthy of inclusion here.

NHL 94

Despite being a sports fan born and raised in Canada, I don’t really care for the sport of hockey. NHL 94 on the Super Nintendo is the exception. This game finds the perfect balance of simulation and arcade action that I always get a kick out of. The Mighty Ducks might suck in this game, but they’re my go-to squad every time I play.

In summary, the games on this list so far are:

Super Mario World
NHL 94

Come back soon for part 2!

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