Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Review

Snorlax Bean Bag ChairAt the height of Pokemon Go mania, ThinkGeek put up pre-orders on an exclusive Snorlax bean bag chair. In a moment of weakness/genius, Steff and I committed to bringing one home. Months later, it now sits in the corner of our living room. If you’re thinking about spicing up your decor with a Snorlax bean bag chair of your own, read my review!

Taking Snorlax home was a bit of a struggle. The dimensions of the box are listed at roughly 24” x 22” x 23” while weighing upwards of 16 lbs. Maybe it was just ours, but Snorlax is so big that the box was already bursting open due to it being too big for the box. If you’re not getting it delivered to your home and you’re picking it up at a Gamestop, bring a car. This is not something you want to carry home.

Once you get him out, you’re going to notice two things. One, it looks great. ThinkGeek did an excellent job of ensuring that Snorlax looked true to his likeness. Two, it smells gross. Fear not, as the smell will dissipate in about a day.

In terms of size, it’s probably not as big as you would expect it to be, but it’s enough to comfortably cushion one adult. Out of the box, it’s listed as being 2′ side-to-side x 4′ head-to-to x 1′ thick when flat on its back. Its belly is stuffed with the standard styrofoam balls used in bean bag chairs while its head and limbs feel like they’re stuffed with the same type of cotton used in teddy bears. The overall experience of sitting in it is pleasant.

There is no reality where you need a Snorlax bean bag chair in your life. It’s essentially a standard issue bean bag chair that looks like Snorlax. But damn it, it looks like Snorlax. If you can’t live without having one of these in your home, then you’ll probably be happy snuggling into one of these.

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