Pressing The Issue of Board Games Onto Others

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about how awesome it was that friends introduced me to the board gaming hobby. Since then, I’ve made it a point to pay it forward and introduce others to the wonders of the medium ever since. I even made a guide on how to do just that.

However, a post I found on Reddit made me realize that my guide was missing a very important aspect of that process. What if they’re not interested?

Reddit user heybingbong asked the following:

I keep hoping that my gf will play games with me so I search for games that I think she might like. This has led to a shelf full of unplayed games, curated to the eventual progression from Patch Work to Great Western Trail that I have envisioned, but in vane. We’ve been stuck at Carcassonne for months now (introducing expansions set us back quite a bit), interest is waning, and I’m met with resistance at every mention of trying something new.

Should I just give up? Does this dream scenario I have just not exist? Or has anyone pushed through and finally reached a turning point that converted your SO into the 2P partner you’ve always wanted?

Clearly, he has an interest in getting his significant other to play games with him, down to the point where he’s curated a set of games to build her up. However, despite his best efforts, she’s resisting. What should he do?


I get it. Games are awesome. You want to share that experience with the love of your life. However, they’re awesome when you’re a willing participant. If you’re pressing an experience onto someone that they don’t want to partake in, regardless of how you spin it, then all you’re doing is straining the relationship. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone kept pestering you to do something you didn’t want to do, how you would you feel? If they’re not interested, let it go and move on.

Unless having a gaming enthusiast for a significant other is a non-negotiable issue, it’s totally fine that your interests don’t line up. You got together through some sort of common ground, so focus on that. Maybe you two will even discover new interests together. In any case, board games are awesome, but they’re not worth enough to damage the relationship you have with a significant other.

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