Quests and Mew Are Being Added to Pokemon Go

The latest update to Pokemon Go gives trainers a new way to play!

Quests are coming to the game in the form of research tasks. Standard Field Research gives you objectives to complete when you spin PokeStops, granting you rewards when you complete them. Special Research are requests that come from Professor Willow himself, which will probably include super special rewards. Beyond receiving items as prizes, Niantic’s post also makes mention of being able to encounter legendary Pokemon, and even the mythical Mew.

While we’re still twiddling our thumbs in anticipation of PvP and trading, this is a huge update that shakes up the game in a big way. Having a persistent list of objectives gives players something to work towards, beyond just completing their Pokedex or hitting level 40. In particular, having a means of encountering a legendary or mythical Pokemon without raiding is a huge plus for players who struggle to get enough people together for raids.

Quests will be added to Pokemon Go later this week. I can’t wait!

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