Everyone HATES Mew VMAX! – Pokemon TCG Live Stream

Mew and Genesect are public enemy #1 in the Pokemon Trading Card Game due to how incredibly strong their deck is. Though I came ready to demolish the competition with this deck, the world was ready with all of their counters! Do I have what it takes to fight an army of competitors who’ve built their entire game plan around beating this deck?

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Quests and Mew Are Being Added to Pokemon Go

The latest update to Pokemon Go gives trainers a new way to play!

Quests are coming to the game in the form of research tasks. Standard Field Research gives you objectives to complete when you spin PokeStops, granting you rewards when you complete them. Special Research are requests that come from Professor Willow himself, which will probably include super special rewards. Beyond receiving items as prizes, Niantic’s post also makes mention of being able to encounter legendary Pokemon, and even the mythical Mew.

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