Trading, In-Game Friends Lists and Gifting are Coming to Pokemon Go


Years after its 2016 launch, Pokemon Go is about to receive one of its most requested features: trading. This is actually part of a larger update that implements a whole new friend system with gifts and other bonuses for playing together!

First off, you can now have in-game friends. You can add a friend to your list by trading friend codes. Yes, I’m not necessarily a fan of it on Nintendo platforms, but I’m a bit more okay with it here as a means of slowing down spoofers.

What are the benefits of in-game friendship? Well, for one, Pokestops will now start dropping gifts. You can’t open them yourself, but you can give them to your friends. Each gift contains items and a special Alolan egg! On top of that, playing together will get you bonuses. For example, when you participate in a gym battle or raid with a friend, you gain an extra attack boost.

Most importantly, you need to be friends in order to facilitate trading! Beyond being in-game friends, there are a number of other factors to note, as swapping doesn’t come easy.

  • You must be within 100m of the person you want to trade with
  • Trades cost Stardust. Based on the screenshots from the official site, low-level Pokemon can be traded for as little as 100 Stardust. However, a “Special Trade” containing a regional, legendary, shiny, or new pokedex entry Pokemon can cost as much as 1,000,000 Stardust! However, the higher your friendship level, the lower the trade cost. High-end trades can drop to as low as 40,000 Stardust at max level.
  • “Special Trades” (regionals, legendarys, shinys, new pokedex entries) are capped at 1 per day and can only occur between Great Friends or Best Friends
  • A traded Pokemon has its IVs re-rolled within a pre-determined range. Don’t bother giving your friend a 100% IV Pokemon, as it will most likely be worse once they receive it.

These measures are largely in place to prevent the Pokemon economy from being thrown too far out of whack. Some of those Stardust costs seem really expensive, but I’m glad that you can greatly reduce that cost by playing the game as intended. Overall, this update is another huge win for Pokemon Go as it claws its way towards offering a complete Pokemon experience!

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