Unusual Pick-Up: NBA 2K18

Buying an iteration of a sports game just before the new one comes out is generally a bad idea. Yes, it’s cheaper, but you miss out on all of the latest features and roster updates. However, I did not just buy NBA 2K18 on the Switch for gameplay reasons. I bought it for Demar Derozan.

Up until now, he had spent his entire career with the Toronto Raptors. As a life-long diehard Raptors fan, I saw him grow up to become a perennial all-star, leading my tortured franchise to its most prosperous era. For a team that has struggled to maintain talent, he was the one star that loved the city and wanted to stay here forever. Say what you will about his style of play or his inability to pull it all together in the playoffs, but he’s an awesome player that gave the city everything he had. And we traded him for Kawhi Leonard.

Don’t get me wrong. On the court, Kawhi Leonard on paper is an upgrade. However, even if we take away all the question marks he brings to the table regarding his health and his motivation to play in Toronto, the privilege of getting Leonard cost us our best and most loyal basketball athlete and ambassador. Even in a hypothetical world where the Raptors win the NBA championship this year (lol), it will not mask the sting that comes with the way that the Raptors shooed him out the door.

I had avoided NBA 2K18 this past season partially cause the series had fallen off my rotation in years past. Partially cause I heard the microtransactions were so aggressive that it hurts the overall product. None of that matters to me. I’m buying it as a piece of Demar Derozan memorabilia where he became the first NBA athlete to appear on the Canadian-edition cover of the NBA 2K series.

Wishing you all the best in San Antonio, Demar. The fans of Toronto still got you too.

Buy NBA 2K18 Now From Amazon.com

NOTE: If you want the Canadian cover of 2K18, you’ll have to get it through Amazon Canada.

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