NBA 2K18 on Switch Impressions

I checked out of the NBA 2K experience a few years ago. Though I was madly in love with it at one point, the lack of meaningful upgrades from year-to-year caused it to fall out of my rotation. Ever since then, I’ve also heard that the game’s microtransactions have gotten so brazen that they drastically hurt the overall experience.

None of that mattered when I recently bought the Canadian edition of NBA 2K18 with Demar Derozan on the cover. Still devastated by my all-time favourite Raptor being traded away, I picked up the Switch version with his box art as a keepsake to that time of #wethenorth prosperity. Since I now own this game, the most curious version of it no less, I put this one through its paces to see what we’d find.

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Playing NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch

Curious about NBA 2K18 on the Switch? It’s probably too late to pick it up now with the new version on the way soon, but here’s a taste of what you can expect from next year’s version on the Nintendo platform! To my surprise, it’s pretty good! A more formal write-up of my thoughts will go live tomorrow!

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Unusual Pick-Up: NBA 2K18

Buying an iteration of a sports game just before the new one comes out is generally a bad idea. Yes, it’s cheaper, but you miss out on all of the latest features and roster updates. However, I did not just buy NBA 2K18 on the Switch for gameplay reasons. I bought it for Demar Derozan.

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