What I Got for Christmas: 2018 Edition

Christmas has come and gone and I hope you had a wonderful time with those you love! Also, I hope you were on the nice list! Here’s a few of the nerdier things I got underneath my tree this year!

Nintendo eShop Gift Card

Due to the dynamics of e3 pre-order sales that incentivize Canadians to pre-order games in exchange for a discount, along with knowing that many of the games I would want on Christmas will end up on sale the very next day as part of Boxing Day, I try and avoid asking for games these days. However, I’ll gladly accept this Nintendo eShop card from my brother! Not sure what to do with it just yet, but recommendations are welcome!

Pokemon Centre Christmas Pikachu 2018

During his trip to Japan, my brother Randy made a trip to the Pokemon Center and got me an exclusive Christmas Pikachu plushie! It’s adorable and a neat collectible!

Starlink Nadir Ship

While Starlink does not require you to have any of the toys, they can give you immediate access to certain weapons. They also act as extra lives. On top of all that, they look really cool! Haven’t had a chance to play my copy of Starlink just yet, but this looks like a great ship to dock alongside of the Arwing that comes with my Switch version! Thank you to my sister-in-law Michelle for this!

DC Collection Jim Lee Harley Quinn Shirt

A few months back, Jascha and I stumbled upon Jim Lee’s live stream. It was the first time we got to watch the legendary comic artist in action and it was quite the experience. I guess to commemorate that moment, he got me a Jim Lee sketch shirt with Harley Quinn and I believe the Suicide Squad. Great looking shirt and very thoughtful!

ChromaCast Bag

Steff got me a bunch of cool stuff, including a pair of wireless headphones that are a real game-changer for me. But the most out-of-the-box gift she got me was a ChromaCast bag. Specifically designed to house a specific type of speaker, its dimensions are such that it also doubles as an amazing board game bag. It fits the Fantasy Flight box perfectly! Now we can carry and protect our games in transit better than ever!

FAO Schwarz DJ Mixer Mat

Michelle and Jascha gave me a modern take on the iconic FAO Schwarz piano floor mat! This one has six pre-programmed beats and DJ turntables for scratching to go along with a set of piano keys. I’m already a terrible musician with my hands, and probably an even worse one with my feet. Still, I have to find a way to incorporate this into my stream, right?

What did you get from Santa this year?

One thought on “What I Got for Christmas: 2018 Edition

  1. BeardedGamer82 December 27, 2018 / 8:42 AM

    Great haul of Xmas gifts. That Harley Quinn shirt is fantastic

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