What I Got for Christmas: 2018 Edition

Christmas has come and gone and I hope you had a wonderful time with those you love! Also, I hope you were on the nice list! Here’s a few of the nerdier things I got underneath my tree this year!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: New 52 Future’s End One-Shots

This round-up includes the Future’s End one-shots for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn!

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Harley Quinn #5 Review

After a sub-par fourth issue, I was hoping that the start of the Syborg saga would be a return to form for the court jester of Gotham. Instead, Harley Quinn #5 is a disaster. The now-predictable scene where Harley makes an idiot out of herself isn’t funny at all. She’s once again been pushed into a sidekick role when she just started breaking out as a solo star. The guy she’s working for is an awful character all around. The action stinks. Save for the art in the dream sequence, which earns a nod for looking cool, I don’t have anything nice to say about this one. I don’t think I’ll be continuing with this series going forward.

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Harley Quinn #4 Review

Ever since Harley Quinn severed ties with the Joker, she’s been on a roll. First, she’s made her presence felt as a member of the Suicide Squad. Now she has her own best-selling series. Harley Quinn #4 follows the same story template that have made the previous issues a success, but it falls short of the mark set by its predecessors.

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Harley Quinn #0-3 Review

Having made waves as part of The New 52 edition of the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn finally gets her own series. As a story that sits outside of the Suicide Squad continuity, a former patient from Arkham Asylum has passed away and given her his apartment building. After the Joker blows up all of her stuff, she heads off to take claim to hew new digs and rebuild her life. Through Steff, I’ve been able to read through Harley Quinn #0-3.

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Suicide Squad Vol. 1: Kicked in the Teeth Review

In the New 52 era version of Suicide Squad, government agent Amanda Waller has created a black ops group out of expendable villains to take on covert missions. The reward for success is the possibility of a shorter prison sentence, though failure or insubordination will lead to getting your head blown off. Any way you slice it, they’re pretty much screwed.

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