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One of my first forays into video was the In Third Person Comic Book Show! Airing at 7pm EST is a marathon of all the episodes in one go! Hope you enjoy!

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Merideth and David Finch Make their Wonder Woman Debut

Jumping off of its pages with a striking art style, juicy stories and a powerful heroine that demands respect, Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang rocked my socks in a huge way. That series immediately became one of my favourites and converted me into a huge fan of the character. I have since tried to track down more Wonder Woman content by other creators, though none of their works have captured my imagination like Azzarello and Chiang.

I wish they could have stayed with the Amazonian princess forever, though their run concluded with issue #35. Picking things up at issue #36 is Merideth and David Finch. Based on their debut outing, are we in for a new Wonder Woman dynasty?

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: Comics on a Budget

I’ve fallen on some hard times financially and have chosen to cut back on comics. Here’s my plan for how to get my fix without breaking the bank!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: New 52 Future’s End One-Shots

This round-up includes the Future’s End one-shots for Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn!

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In Third Person Comic Book Show: New 52 Wonder Woman

Whether you’ve been paying attention or not, Wonder Woman has been one of the best comics in the New 52 era. In this episode, I gush about my love for the current adventures of Diana Prince and some thoughts on where the series could go, as Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang are nearing the end of their run.

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Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth Review

After catching up on her brilliant New 52 run, I was at a loss for where to continue my adventure with Wonder Woman. Despite her longevity, her books are oddly scare on store shelves or at major online retailers. Forget about tracking down the best Diana Prince books based on popular opinion, it’s been hard to find anything at all to read. Eventually, I tracked down Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth by Gail Simone and Aaron Lopresti, which is the second of their five Wonder Woman books.

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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

I probably came into Superman/Wonder Woman #1 with a different perspective than most. Superman has never been my cup of tea, but New 52-era Wonder Woman is my jam. In search of more modern Diana Prince content, I turned to this. Issue #1 lays the groundwork for the ultimate power couple story.

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Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang Ending Their Wonder Woman Run

Having just finished Vol. 4 of the New 52 Wonder Woman series, the news of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang ending their run on the series to be heartbreaking. This knowledge has been known since February, though I actually didn’t know about it until I went looking for the release date of the next edition.

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Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War Review

DC Comics’ most dysfunctional family returns in Wonder Woman Vol. 4: War. The potential baby of doom is finally in the hands of his mother Zola, but the baby isn’t out of the woods yet. His oldest brother just spent 7,000 years digging himself out of a hole in order to rule Olympus and the baby is one more obstacle in the way of him seizing the throne. Considering the fact that he’s had that long to dwell on his plight, he’s not going down easy.

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Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron Review

To say that Zola’s baby had a rough start to life sure is an understatement. From the moment the baby was born on Olympus, it was immediately stolen away from its mother by Hermes, who we thought was one of the good guys. Now in Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Iron, she must track the tiny tot down before something terrible happens. Along the way, she meets even more members of her complicated family tree and something new is brewing in Antarctica.

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