Return of Retro Game Streaming?

Retro game streaming has been something I’ve wanted to do since I started doing this seriously at the beginning of 2018. However, it fell pretty low on the priority chain as my laundry list of technical things to fix piled up. On top of all the basic things I struggled to sort out – such as broadcasting a stream with a decent picture quality at a steady frame rate – retro hardware added additional obstacles to work through.

Knowing that I couldn’t solve everything at once, all of my retro-specific issues were put aside in order to broadcast a solid modern stream first. After months of research, tweaking of settings, breaking of stuff while live on-air, and the purchase of numerous pieces of hardware, I think I’m finally [knock on wood] at a point where I can finally play old games more regularly.

After fixing all of the computer-side stuff so that I could run a steady 720p stream, the final challenge I faced revolved around my gaming monitor that I use to play games while streaming. I bought it as a means of addressing differences in lag between the lag from my regular TV and the lag from gaming monitors used in fighting game tournaments. Most people won’t notice, but the milliseconds of difference between the two made it much harder for me to perform at my best on the big stage. Buying a dedicated gaming monitor helped a lot in this regard, as I no longer had to adjust my input timings to accommodate for different screens.

Unfortunately, the gaming monitor I have won’t recognize signals coming from any consoles older than a Nintendo Wii. I can squeeze out GameCube games thanks to Wii compatibility, but anything Nintendo 64 and older wouldn’t work with my existing setup. I wasn’t willing to permanently replace my gaming monitor with a laggier TV for the purposes of retro streaming, as I still play a lot of fighting games and I didn’t want to compromise my abilities on that front. I have access to a traditional TV that I have used for retro streaming in the past, but it’s about 20 inches too big to fit into my existing desk setup. As such, it sits to the side of my streaming rig.

This created a cascading effect of new problems, from having to move my camera around every time, to not having the proper lighting for that side of the room, to not having a means of monitoring the chat without looking way off camera every minute. Thankfully, I was able to get a smaller TV from my mom that she was no longer using. It works perfectly!

By having an older TV I can swap in when the time is right, I can stream retro games with my existing setup. It’s going to be a lot of fun revisiting some of my old faves, as well as new games I never gave the time of day. Right now, I’ve got a stash of NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 games to get to, but I’m open to trying out other stuff as well. What retro games or consoles would you like to see me stream?

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